Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How To Apply Sunless Tanner

Things You’ll Need:

Exfoliating shower scrub.
Scrub brush
Damp cloth
Old clothes
Sunless tanning lotion

Step 1:
Exfoliating brush or sponge
Before you begin: Give yourself plenty of time, 2-3 hours of personal time or before bed. Take a shower and using your exfoliating shower scrub and scrub brush or sponge, thoroughly wash all areas of your body to remove dead skin cells. Focus on areas such as feet, knees, elbows, and hands. WARNING: Do not shave or scrub hard enough to cause irritation. This will cause inflammation or itching when lotion is applied.

Step 2:
After shower dry skin completely by patting lightly with a towel. Make sure a damp washcloth and soap are handy by the sink, along with towel and sunless tanning lotion.

Step 3:
This application process does not use gloves and should be completed in 5-8 minutes. Begin by placing a gumball sized amount of sunless tanning lotion in your hands, rub your hands together quickly to get an equal amount in each hand and begin applying to lotion to your legs. Thoroughly and quickly rub the lotion making sure it covers all large surfaces of the legs. Add extra lotion when needed. Then apply leftover lotion that is on your hands to the tops of the feet. Avoid bottoms of feet and rough areas.

Step 4:
Stop here! Wash hands thoroughly with scrub brush and soap. Scrub palms, in between fingers, and fingernails. Now take the damp rag and begin removing excess lotion from creases by barely patting ankles, sides of feet, toes, knee caps, behind knees, and anywhere you see a crease or uneven patch of sunless tanning lotion.

Step 5:
Repeat these steps of application for abdominal, buttock, back and chest. Be sure to wash hands again after application and use damp rag to lightly pat creases and uneven application.

Step 6:
Repeat these steps for arms and neck. Be sure to wash hands again after application of lotion and use damp rag to pat creases and uneven application, especially underarm area, arm crease, elbow, and wrist crease.

Step 7:
Next apply the sunless tanning lotion to your face, or apply a sunless tanning lotion specifically for faces to decrease chances of irritation. TIP: Apply regular lotion to hair line or areas you don't want sunless lotion to penetrate. Use a smaller amount of sunless lotion and apply to face, covering all surfaces, careful around eyes, and only applying barely to top of ears. Wash hands thoroughly. Take damp rag and pat around hair line, eyebrows, ears, back of ears and hairline at back, and creases around neck.

Step 8:
To give hands a sunless tan you can apply regular lotion to palms to protect that area from tanning. Then pat the backs of hands on areas of the body where sunless lotion is still wet. This is a light pat technique to prevent any streaks or patches on hands.

Step 9:
Finally put on old clothes and wait to dry. Be careful where you sit, sleep, or what you wear because the lotion may rub off when wet or dry and stain. You can sleep with lotion on if you like, but be prepared for stains that may or may not wash out depending on the brand/type of lotion you use.

Step 10:
Flawless sunless tan!
After 2-3 hours or overnight setting of sunless tanning lotion, then take a light shower washing off excess lotion and shave if desired. Look at new flawless application in mirror and congratulate yourself for a job well done with no risk of skin cancer. For a darker tan, repeat the process immediately, and to maintain the tan reapply 1-2 times a week.

Step 11:
Did you miss a step? Don't worry if you're not perfect yet! If you have blotches or streaks then there are things you can do. Exfoliate in the shower to remove dead skin cells and new color. You can also buy a sunless tanning lotion remover, and follow the directions on the bottle. Happy Tanning!

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