Friday, April 29, 2011

Sons Of Outlaw 99xxx WTF! (Wild Tingle Formula)

For many years Outlaw tanning lotions have been among our top sellers for people who love hot tingle tanning. Outlaw Red Hot Maxxx has been our number one selling tanning lotion for a couple of year so we are excited by this new release. Skincare By Hoss released the next generation of hot tanning lotions with a radical new look and an extremely hot tingle. If you are a tingle fan you will not want to miss trying this lotion.

Sons Of Outlaw 99xxx WTF! 9oz Retail $90 Our Price $44.00

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Products Coming In Daily

We have a huge selection of new releases from Supre, Devoted Creations, Hoss Sauce, Ultimate and more. Check back often to see all of the new releases as well as helpful information, tips and trends in tanning and skincare.

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Hemperor PomeShea Moisturizer!

 Rich in Anti-Oxidants, Pomegranate has long been the secret to fighting free radical and giving your skin a radiant youthful glow. Shea Butter give your skin the richest, smoothest, healthy supple skin imaginable. Hemperor infuses these 2 premium ingredients with all natural Hemp Seed Oil into one amazing daily moisturizer that delivers extreme levels of anti-aging and nutrient rich 

Perfect blends of exotic oils including Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Monoi and Tea Tree plus natural sources of vitamins A, B, E and C, natural Anti-Oxidants, essential fatty acids and botanicals to reduce the appearance if fine lines and wrinkles. This is truly the ultimate balance of smoothing skin care and anti-aging ingredients all topped off with a 
light unforgettable Pomegranate fragrance!

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Monday, April 11, 2011

How To Develop A Great Tan

How is your Tan developing? Dark? Dark as you want to be? You know with the weather improving and the fourth of July just around the corner the opportunity to go outside in the sun, sun bathing, swimming well you know what I mean can invite sunburn and unwanted looks at those white legs.

It would be a pretty good idea to try to get a nice base tan prior to going to the beach, river or pool. Despite what was considered normal for tanning (go outside get burnt, peel and then turn Tan) it is not good for you, it is not comfortable and it is actually a pain. So my best suggestion would be to come to the salon and enjoy tanning at least every other day or so while you are developing a nice base tan. Every other day will work for some while others need maybe every third day. You won't gain by trying to tan when you are pink so before you go tanning make sure you are not a little pink from a previous session. Use a great tanning maximizer that will take care of your skin and accelerate the body's natural tanning process. Doing this process correctly will actually help you develop a tan faster. Keep in mind if you are already a person with a good base tan what I just wrote really does not apply. I am trying to help those of you who are not tan and are likely to go outside and over do the exposure to UV light thing that so often happens and really shouldn't.

The rest of you who actually have good base tans and even more, my advise to you is to keep doing what you are doing, keep tanning on a regular basis and enjoy tanning outside. Even with a good base tan or a little more you still run a risk of getting burnt due to overexposure while outside. Use a good SPF and re-apply frequently depending on how long you are planning on staying out in the Sun. Another good thing I might suggest you purchase and keep with you is a sunburn cooler gel. Body Drench's Skin Therapy Sunburn Cooler Gel will help you in the case of you getting a bit sun burnt. It is a marvelous cooling product.

Something else I should bring up is if you use SPF you really need to use an excellent top-of-the-line moisturizer. Most SPF products are created for one thing and that is to keep you from burning. They are typically great skin care products. You need to rehydrate your skin after being out in the Sun for any length of time. Remember it would be in your best interests to use a very good lotion all the time, you will soon be amazed at how nice and soft your skin feels.

In Review:
1) Get A Base Tan Before Heading Outside In The Summer
2) Tan At The Salon Every Other Day Or Every 3rd Day
3) Use The Best Tanning Maximizer You Can
4) Use The Best Moisturizer For Your Skin
5) Use SPF Protection & Avoid Sunburns
6) Use A Sunburn Cooler Gel If You Burn

Monday, April 4, 2011

This Just In! Brown Sugar Black Aura

Brown Sugar Black Aura "World's Darkest Tanning Lotion" is an ultra-dark lotion that eclipses tanning plateaus with new magnitudes of color via rich dark Biobronzing while Double amounts of Argan Oil of Morocco provide exalted skin conditioning for a completely radiant glow.

  • Amazing Color The First Time!
  • BioBronzing Natural Bronzers & DHA
  • Infused with Max Silicones.
  • Double Argan Oil Of Morocco.