Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bamboo: The Latest Trend In Skincare?

If you have been to a beauty shop lately you may have noticed several products that contain Bamboo or Bamboo extracts. Alterna has a very popular Bamboo hair care line while other companies are releasing products containing bamboo.

One exiting new release is Body Drench's Green Tea + Bamboo nourishing body lotion which makes a fine addition to the already popular product line. Long known for quality moisturizers, it's no surprise that the new body lotion is fabulous. You can lose yourself in the aroma of green tea and bamboo while adding all day moisturization to your skin.

Why Bamboo? Bamboo contains high concentrations of natural silica which gives the skin a restorative smoothing. Silica is a major constituent of collagen, helping the skin keep its elasticity. Bamboo is also considered to have substantial anti-aging properties and is thus very popular in eastern cultures.

Skin care is very important to maintain a youthful appearance. A great moisturizer is a daily must. Bamboo has the potential to step up your daily regimen to a whole new level.

Body Drench Green Tea + Bamboo

Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick Tan Sunless Spray... Everyone's Favorite?

Since it's release a few years ago Body Drench Quick Tan quickly gained "most popular" status among the beauty and tanning shops around the world. Body Drench has long been known for amazing moisturizers but Quick Tan Sunless Spray has taken the center stage.

Body Drench gives you a very nice, evenly distributed spray tan that you can apply yourself. The high quality spray nozzle does not clog like others and the lightweight can is easy to use and handle.

Tips: Just like with any sunless products the best results come when you exfoliate prior to use. This isn't required but it will help your tan look more even and last longer. You also want to moisturize your elbows, knuckles and any other area that can collect sunless. Hold that can about 10 inches away from your skin and spray in even strokes. You can rub in or gently wipe off any excess and then wash your hands quickly.

Body Drench Quick Tan has been a best seller at Lotion Source for many years. Please comment below with your Quick Tan tips, stories or opinions.

Dakota Allen
Product Specialist