Monday, June 15, 2009

Caribbean Cruise? Be Prepared!

Great question this morning from Tim: "I am going on a Cruise in a few weeks and have been prepping with Sun Sauce Diamond ultra dark at the tanning salon. What do you recommend for the Caribbean sun to continue tanning without burning?Thanks for your help,Tim" I always recommend that you build up the darkest tan that you can (your natural sun protection) before such a trip by using the best tanning lotion possible, a great tan enhancing moisturizer twice daily, and tan enhancer pills to boost your melanin production. All of these along with tanning 3-4 times a week until your trip will give you the darkest tan possible in the shortest time possible. Once out in that sunshine you will want a solid SPF like Hempz SPF 30 to protect you from sunburn. You should also continue using the moisturizer for tanners to keep your skin moisturized and healthy and tan. We also carry a wide variety of lip balms to protect those sensitive areas out in the sun. And last but not least we do also have sunburn coolers just in case you do stay out a little too long but always avoid burning! Have a great trip Tim!

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