Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hemperor Maximum Ultra Dark - #1 For A Reason!

Are you looking for a Tanning Maximizer that will give you the rich dark tan that you desire but also pamper your skin with hemp seed oil, all natural shea butter and herbal anti-oxidants? Hemperor Maximum Ultra Dark has long been our top seller and for good reason. Once you use it you are hooked!

Maximum Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion is rich in Hemp Seed Oil and the world’s finest natural color maximizing accelerators. This silky smooth, vitamin enriched lotion has maximum levels of L-Tyrosine, Riboflavin and Unipertan. Maximum Ultra Dark is skin care elixir rich in Shea Butter, natural oils such as Monoi, Kukui Nut and Olive Oil. You will enjoy the fast results that this lotion delivers and you will love the way your skin feels with each and every use. Simply the finest, smoothest, darkest herbal Tanning Lotion available anywhere.

Available in 9oz and 64oz sizes.

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