Friday, September 28, 2012

Dry Skin?.... Not!

Fall is here and with colder weather comes the need to keep your skin from drying out. There are so many moisturizers on the market and a fair number of Body Butters but they can be deceptive. Some Body Butters are waxy and some are just thick lotions. The best is found somewhere in between. You want a lotion whip with high levels of Shea Butter and natural oils that soak into the skin, keep it moisturizes and don't leave you feeling like you just put petroleum jelly in your pores.

Exotic Body Butters

Enter Exotic Herbal Body Butter Moisturizers. Exotic bathes your skin with it's very nice, dye free, wax free body butter that leaves your skin naturally moisturized, even on dry days. It works great as a face cream as well. Even better they have released several "flavors" or fragrances that are perfect to get you in the holiday groove.

Official Description:
"Formulated with Shea Butter to give your skin to unbelievable smoothness. Exotic Moisturizing Body Butter combines the healing properties of Hemp Seed Oil and mega levels of natural Shea Butter to create ultra rich, whipped moisturizing perfection. Our combination of mega-vitamins, anti-oxidants, exotic oils and Shea Butter will revitalize your skin while maintaining a soft, sexy, elegant feel. Exotic helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps to protect your skin from free radicals and aging. Lightly fragrances with the tropical essence of Exotic Hemp moisturizer."

"I have made the Cherry Vanilla part of my morning routine and I love it" ..... Dakota

Link: Exotic Moisturizers

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